CSR Implementation

Bahubali Gulabchand Foundation was founded on the belief that every enterprise and individual is responsible for the wellbeing of their surrounding environment and community. To measure the true performance of an organization over a period of time, it is important to also evaluate its impact on the society as a whole. The focus of BGF with regards to CSR consulting and advisory services is to fill gaps felt by organizations in meeting their social responsibility commitments.

We have a results-focused approach towards implementation of CSR projects. The team comes with a robust experience and expertise towards holistic and impactful delivery of goals.

The amalgamation of the right tools and resources is crucial for successful on ground implementation. Our vast industry connections and field experience enable us to obtain the best resources and experts needed for specialized projects.

We also provide end-to-end project management support and conduct field visits to project locations to assess the status of implementation. Besides this, the foundation is also involved in consulting on the programmatic management processes at the implementation level.

We are actively involved in every step of the project implementation that also includes research, surveys and probing. Right from baseline need assessment to CSR project monitoring and reporting, Bahubali Gulabchand Foundation has the capability of turnkey CSR project conceptualization and implementation.

In association with our partner Walchand Plus, we assist organizations and institutions under the following domains:

  • Customized CSR strategy aligned to organisational goals.
  • Identification and design of programs in line with the CSR strategy.
  • Alignment with existing/own/other CSR initiatives, causes and opportunities that fall within the guidelines and are relevant or worthy of association.
  • Building the commitment of top management towards the development of an HR policy that links corporate governance, corporate strategy and CSR, to follow a realistic CSR policy.
  • Align the organization’s corporate communication and HR department for possible CSR agenda-building.
  • Setting expectations for young professionals who might be interested in social sector engagement.
  • Facilitate the effective implementation of the projects including detailed project plan and budgets.
  • Facilitate management review visits.
  • Provide periodical progress updates.
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