Our Objectives

Quality Education

Work towards promoting education, including employment enhancing vocational skills for all, especially those who are underprivileged, and increase their access to quality educational services. Ensure that all learners have the skills needed to have fruitful careers and sustained development.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Reduce the number of youth that is unemployed by imparting essential skills and knowledge that will enhance employability in them. Promote productive activities that lead to job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Alleviate Poverty

Work towards ensuring all men and women, especially the vulnerable, have access to all essential basic services and support in mobilization of resources to those in need. Increase quality of life, environmental conditions and equip institutions and organizations with knowledge of and sustainable management of water and sanitation.

Gender Equality & Reduced Inequalities

Work towards eliminating all kinds of discrimination – based on any kind of differences- ranging from gender, age, skin colour, disability, social status, religion etc. Support in empowerment of women and disabled, by promoting awareness towards their needs and ensuring their full and effective participation in political, economic and social life

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